Costa Georgiadis recently popped into Hunt Gather grow our retail supplier in Bendigo and discovered the European tools Australia collection of garden and farm tools. He reviewed the high quality garden tools hand forged in Holland by Dewit. Noting that the family owned company has over 115 years of Master craftsmanship. Sustainability made Costa very excited about these quality garden tools.

Muller’s, Austrian axes and hoes were also on his radar. With over 300 years of master craftsmanship, he enjoyed seeing the amazing steel axes that ring out with the soul of the blacksmith. His face book page video was a fantastic endorsement for these lifetime garden tools and we are so pleased to see all the European tools displayed and noted by Costa and his film crew.

Nick from Hunt Gather Grow was a true professional. As owner, manager he was delightful showing Costa where each tool came from and its quality features.

He even demonstrated the Dewit Diamond hoe in his back yard on a tough compacted gravel road and showed how easy it was to hoe the compacted gravel away. Wow what a great garden tool. Hand forged from Boron steel, the Dewit diamond hoe is the best weeder you can buy.

So if you want to see a terrific review of the high quality European garden tools at Hunt Gather grow go to Costa’s face book page or Hunt Gather Grows page and watch the video. You will be wanting to get your hands on some of these great tools or even a Dewit Diamond hoe for weeding your gravel, garden beds and pathways.