Dewit Dutch handhoe 460mm


  • This traditional Dutch hand hoe is used for weeding and loosening soil in your border, raised beds and containers.
  • You bring the weeder from you and place it on the soil, by pulling the weeder towards yourself the blade goes below surface and cuts trough the soil.
  • By moving the blade from and towards you the roots of the weeds are also cut form the dirt. Once the roots of the weeds are cut they will stop growing.
  • You can choose to leave them in the dirt or you remove them after you have loosened the roots from the dirt with the weeding hoe.
  • Made in Holland
  • 120 years warranty

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For over 115 years the name of DeWit® has been synonymous with craftsmanship reliability and quality. A 5 generation family business which combines craft with tradition. A company that is not afraid of innovation. Choosing DeWit® is a guarantee for the very finest quality in forged tools, with an array of products revered worldwide.

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Weight 270 g
Dimensions 460 × 120 × 80 mm


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