Five Tine Cultivator


five tine cultivator is great for digging in the garden.The hard steel prongs helps you dig and loosen soil.Made from Swedish Boron steel this has been hand forged from a single peice of steel and designed to scratch the earth with its sharp teeth and excellent ash handle it makes gardening fun and easy.

The ultimate cultivating hand tool made by Dewit in Holland. Hand forged from a single piece of Swedish Boron steel and joined to an ash handle this five tine cultivator is the ideal working tool for garden beds. YOu can till soil, turn it, loosen soil and scrap out weeds.

Great for all kinds of small working areas but tough enough to pull well rooted weeds and grass. Five strong tines all hand forged onto the boron steel post which is firmly attached to the ash handle. The handle ha a good grip due to its shape and ergonomic design. Great garden tool for all kinds of weeding, and seeding, the five tine cultivator by dewit is the best tool you could own

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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 290 x 120 x 50 mm