Muller hookaroon woodpick 60 cm


Muller Hookaroon Woodpick made in Austria by Leonhard Muller and Son since 1975

  • Back saving tool
  • Great for moving wood
  • Greater reach for emptying a trailor
  • Multi purpose for rolling logs
  • Hand forged
  • Lifetime warranty
  • European Ash 60 cm handle

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  • Great tool for handling logs with a  handle at 60cm ideal for large timbers and firewood blocks without breaking your back.The woodpick comes in 80cm length for 110 $ The sharp curved tip easily penetrates the wood for a secure grip.If your a tall person this is the right size for you.The tool has a 60 CM Ash handle with a 500 gram head that is approximately 19 cm long.Overall weight is 880 gram. Hand forged in Austria by Mueller and Son. Click here for more info;

Additional information

Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 600 × 50 × 40 mm


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