Muller forged 5 kg splitting maul

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  • 5 kg head
  • hand forged
  • splits trough all those stringy bits
  • Made in Austria
  • lifetime warranty
  • 11 cm face
  •  the back of the axe can be used to pound in wedges


This premium splitting maul by Mueller is hand forged in Austria at the Himmelsberger Zeughammerwerk (since 1675) from top quality steel and then expertly hardened and tempered for the best combination and hardness and toughness. The edge is razor sharp and ready for immediate use. The Axe is designed for splitting  large size chunks of wood and can be used as a sledge hammer. The unique shaped head makes for very efficient splitting. This axe has a 5 kg forged head,  90cm Hickory handle and an overall weight of  about 6kg. Made in Austria.

Additional information

Weight 6000 g
Dimensions 900 × 200 × 50 mm

1 review for Muller forged 5 kg splitting maul

  1. Jay Boogaart

    This is my personal favourite, it does not let me down on any of the chunks of wood.

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