Potting scoop with hook


Heavy duty potting scoop with knife hook on the side ideal for opening bags of potting mix, cutting twine, ash fitted handle makes this a serious potting scoop possibly for the commercial grower.The steel edge has a sharp bevel to it which makes it great for cutting into the ground and easy scooping. This Dewit potting scoop is hand forged from Swedish Boron steel, lifetime guarantee by Dewit in Holland.

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Dewit Potting mix scoop is good for scooping potting mix and comes with a small knife hook on the side of the blade to make it easy to open potting mix bags or cut twine.

Its rounded shape is ideal to hold  a lot of mix and dirt. The sharpened bevelled end makes cutting into soil handy as it can be used as a large potting trowel.

Every Dewit garden tool comes with a lifetime guarantee and is made in Holland. The potting scoop with hook is great for scooping poop too.

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 200 x 180 x 20 mm


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