Dewit Victorian Trowel


Hand made in Holland the Victorian Trowel is a lovely potting trowel made for all kinds of gardening including shallow digging.

Comes with a flaired blade which holds extra soil and can make holes in the garden. great for planting, comes with a sharpened curved end.

Sustainably made Ash Timber handle is shaped to your hands for extra comfort.

The Victorian trowel comes with life time gurantee

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Victorian Trowel is a lovely gift for the keen gardener. Hand forged from boron steel in Holland by Dewit.

  • Large sized Victorian trowel makes scooping easy as the shape of the trowel head is designed to scoop soil and potting mix easlily.
  • The trowel shape makes digging holes a breeze and this lifetime garden tool is made by Dewit in Holland.
  • An heirloom gift that goes on and on.

Gardening made easy with high quality garden tools by Dewit.

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 300 × 100 × 40 mm

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