Spring is here fellow garden lovers. We can tell as our bees are extremely active right now. Any opportunity for those bees to get out of the hive. LIke us gardeners, when the sun posts its head out between the clouds and the temperature rises above 15 degrees we are out madly chasing pollen and nectar.

The bees remind us gardeners that spring has sprung and its time to get our planting beds ready for the summer season. Even though its been wet we still try to clean out the dead weeds, dried tomato stalks and any grass that may have popped up. Putting down manure and turning in compost is also a great idea right now in preparation for the spring gardening season. Sometimes I wish I had a Jane Edmondson in my garden to give me some advice but never the less blogs are also handy ways to find out whats happening now and what should I be planting now in my garden.

I already planted beans so far but it may have been too early with the cold weather we have had.Im waiting to see those little shoots sprouting up.

It might be best to just prune back the citrus and the salvias and clean up the dead weeds and messy garden areas.


We have new garden tools coming from Dewit in Holland. A bulldog fork is o the way in the container. Its exciting as we dreamed of having a tough smaller sized garden fork for our customers. The four prongs and steel neck which is no doubt forged from boron steel will make digging in the garden easy.

With the European tools australia garden tool range I have already used my 3 tine heavy duty cultivator and the long T Bar dutch hoe in weeding and soil preparation. I have been raking up everywhere with my JOst nylon 2 in 1 leaf rake and small Jost broom rake. These are great rakes for easy use. Light and strong I left mine out all year long and they have had no issues. Naturally being UV stable and made from a tough nylon made in Belgium makes all the difference. They really are the best rakes in the world.

In the chook pen I used my 5102 mulch fork which has been awesome for moving mulch and claggy soil. It is a great tool for cleaning out the manure stuck to hay in the chook pen. The Dewit mulch fork has flat tines which makes is great for turning soil.Spring has sprung and besides the cold temps you can tell that its finally  here.