This year has been a great year to start gardening and grow your own food. At European Tools Australia we have been busy importing new Dutch garden tools. We have tested and tried most of the tools and found a few new ones from Dewit in Holland.  We have enjoyed growing lots of parsley, peppers, chillies,spring onions,  kale, kefir limes, fresh eggs and the use of lemon balm. Many herbs are still sitting there and they probably need some attention in preparation for a dormant winter and early spring flourish.

Sietse Dewit came to Australia with his Derk Klaas and we have w wonderful time with them They toured around Victoria and visited many of our stores. The networking was invaluable and we appreciate working with such a wonderful family owned traditional company. They returned to Holland to send us gifts of Dewit clothing and new tools. Some of the new large double hoes are incredible and I think will be a winner.  I will put some on this website now.

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December 08, 2017 — European Tools Australia
Tags: Garden Tools

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