600 gram hand forged camping hatchet

By Müller


  • hand forged

  • 40 cm hickory handle

  • 600 gram head

  • leather sheath

  • 9 cm face

  • lifetime warranty

  • hand made in Austria since 1675


Muller Axes, hand forged in Austria, have a long-earned and much deserved reputation as being of the best quality and workmanship. Leonhard Muller (Leonard Muller) & Son's rich forging history dates back to the 1600's. Mueller's axes are not just simple tools, but cultural icons for one of humanity's oldest known implements. Specially trained forge masters combine modern-day techniques with workmanship passed down from generations of forgers. Mueller's forged parts carry a life-time warranty for you to enjoy owning and using these beautiful axes for generations to come!