Push and pull hoe with 16cm blade and long 1700mm T bar handle

By DeWit


The original Dutch hoe is now in stock. This hand forged sharp Boron steel blade is great for all kinds of weeding and edging. Can be used to cut along pathways and weed out grass in garden beds. Push this Dutch hoe under the ground or gravel to cut off tap roots from weeds. Dewit offer a lifelong guarantee with all of their tools.  Every ash handle comes with a 150 t-bar handled end for better grip and manoeuvring. Great tool for saving your back and there is no need to bend to weed any more. Stand up, widen your legs apart  and do the shoffell.


Dewit have been making the Dutch hoe for many years in HOlland.

Forged from Boron steel and comes with a long 160 cm T bar ash handle

  • The best weeding tool made for Australian hard soil.

  • Self sharpening due to angle on the blade

  • Long t bar length for extra stretching reaching far distance in the garden

  • Can be used in gravel for weeding out grass

  • Lifetime guarantee on all steel.