Korean hand hoe #2906

By DeWit


Not all hand hoes are of the same grade in steel. This Korean hand hoe by Dewit is forged from Swedish Boron steel and is very tough due to the forging manner in which it was created. Boron steel is the toughest steel and is simply the best small gardening tool. It has an 140mm ash handle with an angled blade suited for all types of gardening. The Ho MI or Korean Hoe means Farmers Knife. This DEWIT Korean Hand Hoe is an all round garden tool ideally suited for cultivating,weeding, digging holes, tilling soil and aerating loam.This is the best tool for working in the garden.Based on a century old tools used in Asia, the Korean hand hoe does everything a garden trowel can do.


Korean Hand hoe by Dewit.

  • Sometimes known as Korean ho mi

  • Great garden tool as you can do everything with this.

  • blade on one side ideal for weeding and pulling out roots

  • great for loosening soil.

  • makes small planting holes.

  • can do everything in the garden a trowel can do except scoop