Arborrake HEAD ONLY





This Gh16E arborrake is the best selling rake we carry with regards to the Franz Jost rakes. Made from a tough nylon, this well designed rake is ideal for raking under trees, gathering large debris, use on gravel, on concrete and turn it over to use the leveler. Great for laying turf, spreading top soil, levelling out garden beds. The Gh16E arborrake and available at quality nurseries, garden centers and some hardware stores.

The Gh16E rake or Arborrake made by Franz Jost in Belgium is the best rake in the world.

    • This nylon rake is light and perfect for tree clean up under trees as it collects sticks and bark easily.

    • Great for raking up mulch and levelling the ground.

    • Turn it over and you can push debris along any hard surface.

    • Used by arborists all around the world.

    • Most Professional rake on the market.

    • Outlasts any other plastic rake due to its robust manufacturing design.

    • rounded tines doesn't pull turf

    • great for raking out golf bunkers

Made from a tough resistant nylon this is a long lasting lightweight strong rake. Used on gravel, concrete, sand pits, grass as it doesn't pull turf.

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