Rega Black Leaf Rake 1500mm handle

By Jost


The Rega 26-600 Black leaf and fork rake is a great rake for leaves and grass clippings. This rake is a two in one leaf rake. Once you rake all your debris into a pile you can turn over the rake and scoop it up. There is no need to bend. A very tough but lightweight rake that never breaks. Can be used by professional gardeners over and over due to high wear resistance nylon. Made in Belgium by Jost. Comes with a 150 cm hardwood Australian tapered handle.



This is a 2 in 1 Black nylon leaf rake. Great for scooping up leaves and with the tough nylon will outlast any other nylon rake in Australia.

  • Made in Belgium

  • Poured into a mold making them tougher

  • rounded shape patented in design

  • Unique 2 in 1 feature

  • Bendable flexible tines

  • comes with a long handle or sepeate