Four prong digging fork 900mm T bar handle

By DeWit


The Garden fork by Dewit is ideal for turning compost and soil. The new and improved forged Dewit garden fork comes with a strong neck and four prongs slightly flattened for great penetration and scooping. This is a tough garden fork made for turning compost and cultivating your garden beds. The boron steel has been forged up the neck for better strength. Comes with a T Bar Ash handle 90 cm and the weight in grams is 1850

This is one of our best garden forks with large tines great for turning compost, digging potatoes, mixing soils, moving weeds, any kind of gardening where a fork is required. Dewit hand forged on boron steel and this is a quality garden fork that comes with a lifetime guarantee.



Our premium 4 prong garden fork ideal for turning all kinds of soil.Long 80 cm T bar handle makes this the right length of all types of cultivation in the garden.

    • Good for turning mulch,

    • digging out weeds,

    • aerating soil,

    • Great for the chook pen

    • The Dewit garden fork has four tines slightly flattened for easy maneuvering of debris.

    • Great for the compost pile, mulch pile and just about any forking activity you may have in the garden.

    • Dewit use the best boron steel to make their garden tools.

    • Comes with 80 cm t bar FSC sustainable ash handle.