Midi spork 400 mm handle

By DeWit


The midi spork 40 cm handle is a great weeding garden tool ideally suited for cutting through tough roots, edging the garden beds, cutting grass, planting holes and turning soil.

The boron steel head has 3 large sharp teeth made for cutting through the ground. The 40 cm size makes the midid spork ideal for small working areas in the garden.

Comes with a lifetime guarantee and sustainable ash handle.


Midi spork with 40 cm ash t bar handle is great for digging in hard clay soil and is hand made in Holland by Dewit.

  • The sharp teeth on the end are created to cut though weeds, edge and dig into hard clay soil easily.

  • A tough tool that can be used in all areas in the garden

  • The 40 cm ash handle is long enough for digging in any garden box beds.

  • Light weight enough for box gardening.. The design makes it easy to dig in hard clay soils.

  • A unique Dewit garden tool and makes a great gift.

The spork with 40 cm handle is a great garden gift for Xmas or for the keen gardener in your life. Comes with lifetime guarantee.