Hookaroon, Log Pick, Wood Pick - 40cm

By Müller


Muller wood pick with 40 cm handle is hand forged and a lifetime guarantee on the head, great for moving logs, splitting wood, saves your back as its an extension of your arm.


Muller has created the wood pick or known as Hookaroon with a 40 cm ash handle for easy movement of wood.

Use as an extension of your arm. Comes in 3 sizes. 40 ,60 ,80 cm handles. Available at only certain retail locations. Check out our map to see who sells this item

  • Sharp Austrian steel head forged to pick into any timber.

  • Muller hand forged wood pick comes with a choice of 40, 60, 80 cm timber handle.

  • Forged Austrian steel.

  • sharp point made to pick into any hardwood.

  • makes lifting wood easier on your back

check out the video review on you tube on the Muller wood pick. This handy tool makes moving logs and firewood easier as it assists with picking up the wood. This creates a no strain on your back. Making lifting heavy timber easier.