Large Spork Spade by DeWit #83050

By DeWit


The DeWit large Spork Spade is the ultimate garden tool for digging, planting or edging. The hand-forged Spork is designed to be light and strong for digging into clay. As a type of cutting shovel and fork all in one, it has all the best attributes of a spade and a fork, the sharply jagged edge forged from Boron steel cuts through small roots like teeth. It can be used in hard clay soils for aeration or edging the lawn. The long T-handle makes this Spork easy to use as it is light and comfortable.

Lifetime guarantee

This large Spork garden tool is hand-forged from a single piece of hardened boron steel and fitted with an Ash hardwood handle from FSC Certified forests. Simply the best gardening tool to have. Instead of using a regular shovel or spade, the Spork will do all kinds of work in the same manner. Turn compost, mix mulch, divide perennials, cut out weeds, move and transplant plants.