DeWit Midi Fork - Handle 800mm # 3095

By DeWit


Midi garden fork great for softening soil, weeding and does not damage the structure of the soil. The light weight handle makes this an easy fork to use. The Garden fork is great for box gardens aerating and turning the small compost areas,



Often called a ladies fork, the midi garden fork by DeWit is a small lightweight hand fork ideal for loosening soil.

Comes with an 800 mm T- bar ash handle. A lovely gift for the gardener,

    • Great for loosening soil and cultivating the ground.

    • The boron steel fork is small but its a sturdy garden fork.

    • Can be used for weeding in wick boxes

    • Turning soil in any garden bed

    • Digging holes for planting, The garden fork with an 80 cm handle is an all round great garden fork.