Big broad fork "Grelinette

By DeWit


The Broad fork, also known as a Grelinette is an essential hand tool to revitalise compacted soils, tired beds, and to prepare for planting.

The Broad fork aerates the soil and allows for moisture penetration, thus enabling healthy root development while encouraging the soil web to continue building without too much disturbance.

By gently opening up the soil this way, we protect the intricate layers of organisms and soil bacteria working on the organic matter that provide nutrients for healthy plants.

 Healthy soil = Heathy plants = Healthy people.

This design minimise impact and strain on Backs and Knees.

Robust design, made tough with its unique construction, it utilises a single piece of steal to fortify the frame and its 4 teeth.

Made in Holland.

120 years warranty

Extra strong construction

For over 115 years the name of DeWit® has been synonymous with craftsmanship reliability and quality. A 5 generation family business which combines craft with tradition. A company that is not afraid of innovation. Choosing DeWit® is a guarantee for the very finest quality in forged tools, with an array of products revered worldwide.