Diamond hoe with 1700mm T bar handle

By DeWit


The Dewit Diamond hoe is a great weeder. Its a long garden-tool with a triangular razor sharp boron steel blade that lays flat on the ground to slice weeds off at the roots. Used under the ground in garden beds, pathways or under gravel this is the best weeder we have seen. The Dewit diamond hoe cuts in both directions so there is no wasted movement. Never needs sharpening as its bevelled edge self sharpens as you use it. The more you use it the better it works. This is the fastest hoe going. Made from Swedish Boron steel which is long lasting this will be your best friend in the garden. Weight: 2.4 lbs  The Length of the sustainable timber ash handle is 140 cm with T bar end.


Diamond hoe by Dewit is a great sharp weeding blade on a long handle. Great for weeding under the ground. Never needs sharpening as self sharpened. One of our best selling garden tools from Holland. The blade is forged from Boron steel and razor sharp. Turn it sideways and pop out tricky weeds. Can be used on gravel driveways to get out weeds and on any tough garden areas.

The best weeding tool to avoid any back issues and you stand with feet apart and push the hoe under the ground using your core strength.