Dynamic Splitting axe 3 kg by Muller

By Müller



    • The innovation in design of the Dynamic splitting axe is the major factor of success for Muller and European Tools Australia. Traditional handicraft combined with innovation has been a challenge for the Müllers in recent years. However, Intensive research was rewarded in the year 2005 with The Carinthian State Innovation Award for the “Dynamax” (Dynamic Splitting Axe),

    • This splitting axe was created with a reduction in shock absorption.

    • It reduces strain in the body because the impact is absorbed by anti vibration rubbers.

    • Rather than your shoulder.

    • The Dynamic axe was designed to be separate with 2 pieces.

  • The axe head is separate from the handle. Joined by an Austrian steel sleeve and a bolt and nut.
  • Overall weight is 3.9kg

The extra benefit of this design is that the sleeve runs down the handle also providing greater protection for the hickory timber handle.

Dynamix splitting axe by L Muller and Son in Austria is a hand forged master craftsman axe. Especially designed to allow the impact of the splitting to be absorbed into the head of the axe rather than your shoulder.Hand forged and is made with anti vibration rubbers with a long steel sleeve to protect the hickory handle .