DeWit Planting Trowel - Ash Handle 140mm #3000

By DeWit


Hand trowel by Dewit in Holland is a fine garden trowel made for all kinds of garden work. Digging, potting and cultivation, making holes for plants and scooping soil this is the all round ideal garden tool gift. Lifetime guaranteed and made from Boron steel with the sustainable ash handle. Best designed trowel on the market, High-quality tempered steel will hold a very sharp edge. Neither the tip nor the neck will bend.


This beautiful Dewit garden trowel has been hand made with quality boron steel. The trowel is designed to sit perfectly in your hand and the Boron steel end has a bevel sharpened end all the way around.

  • The Dewit Garden trowel is a must for any gardener.

  • We recommend this in the gift set with European tools Australia.

  • As it's the perfect starter gardener set.

  • Hand forged and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Sustainable ash timber handle. This trowel is a Dewit must have garden tool.

  • See how its made below!