By DeWit


Handspork. A cross between a spade and a fork. Hand forged in Swedish carbon steel, these gardening tools are long-lasting, strong and functional. FSC certified ash wood handles are strong and hardwearing. Our exclusive tool collection is hand made by the highest skilled master craftsmen who have been manufacturing tools for over 100 years. Guaranteed for life! The Hand spork is ideal for digging and weeding in hard clay and all other garden areas. The cut outs are designed for aeration of the soil and allow the clay to not get stuck to the blade. The sharp teeth cut right through roots to divide plants. Sustainable Ash handle for good grip.An all around great garden tool that comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Dewit hand made Handspork is a great weeding spork. Its suited for clay soils and this is part of the clever design. The holes in the boron steel spork head allow the soil to fall though while the sharp teeth encourage weeding and cutting through weeds and roots.The spork can loosen tough soil, can divide perennials, cut out weeds. cultivate, aerate, scoop. This is an all around excellent garden tool. Comes with sustainable ash handle which fits into the hand perfectly.

The Dewit Handspork makes a lovely gift for the keen gardener in your life. A unique xmas present for any gardener.