Lifting Tong, Timber Tong - 1500 kg / 1.5 tonne - With Release Lever. MOD 20473

By Müller


Description : These 1.5 tonne Lifting Tongs are are built tough, they are compact & strong. The Tongs have a release lever, which provides ease of use.  They are designed to be attached to your Front End Loader or can be attached to your crane. Just what any land owner needs to process their own felled trees and maintain the land especially after storm damage. Forged in Italy, powder coated and weight rated.

Timber Tong /Lifting Tong - Model 20473

Tong Lifting Max Capacity : 1500kg / 1.5 tonne

Aperture Max / Opening  Max : 550mm / 55cm / 21.65 inches 

Aperture Min / Opening Min : 50mm / 5cm / 1.9 inches

Self Weight : 5200 grams / 5.2kg

Made in Italy - PANZER Manufacturing