Midi Spork 800mm

By DeWit


Midi spork with 80cm Ash T handle by Dewit hand made in Holland. Total lenght is 100 cm. This is a unique and extremely functional tool for digging in the garden. Great for cutting through roots and weeds, can turn soil easily , can cut into hard clay soils great for replanting trees and plants. This midi spork is an all round great working tool as it works like a small shovel and a sharp cutter and aerates like a fork. The holes make for light work as soil doesn't stick to the head. Comes with a mid size ash handle this midi spork can be taken in the caravan for easy access for all kinds of garden work. A tough tool brought to you by European tools Australia.

The Midi spork also comes in an 40 cm handle

Other key features include a great tool for arthritic gardeners, for no dig gardens, wick box gardens and all kinds of tough soils.


Midi Spork a great hand tool for digging and cutting through tough weeds. Designed for lightweight digging but trough roots, weeds and garden beds.