TriffFix Kindling Splitting Axe 1950 grams

By Müller


 Mueller TriffFix Kindling Splitting Axe is one of those innovative tools for splitting and making kindling.... you know you're safe using it!

Mueller developed the TriffFix splitting axe for the safe quick splitting of smaller logs. 

The way to use the TriffFix is to set the edge of the TriffFix to the end of your log with a light hit. With the edge set, lift the whole assembly and tap it a few more times to split the log all the way through. It will split the log safely and quickly. You can even split small logs right at the hearth.

The TriffFix features a one-piece forging. The two handle faces are securely attached with 3 screws. The integrated handguard keeps the user safe. 

It's great for anyone who doesn't need the heavy-hitting of a large axe.

The size is small enough for the youth to learn to collect and make kindling.


    • A unique kindling splitting axe, hand-forged.
    • 1950 grams total weight
    • Protective shield, so you don't hurt your hand
    • Your hand is close to the blade which gives you more control.

Mueller Axes, have been hand forged in Austria, dating all the way back to the 1600s. Mueller has a very long and deserved reputation as being a highly functional tools of uncompromising quality and workmanship. Highly skilled craftsmen combine modern-day techniques with artistry passed down from many generations of blacksmiths. You can trust the quality of Mueller's tools because they think enough of them to put a lifetime warranty on everyone. We know you will enjoy owning and using these beautiful axes for generations to come!