Woodpick splitting axe 2 kg

By Müller


  • Hand forged

  • fast splitting action, no bending down to pick up your next round or fallen off piece

  • lifetime warranty

  • made since 1675

  • http://www.mueller-hammerwerk.at/


This special axe is designed to pick  up and split rounds of wood without having to bend down. at Muller axes Australia and you can see Jor moving firewood and splititng it quickly and easily with one swing due the pick action on the back of the splitting axe. The head weight  is 2 kg and 70 cm Hickory handle,hand forged  By Muller in Austria,Now in stock. 3 Kg version also available.

Check out the video on facebook https://www.facebook.com/pg/mulleraxes/videos/?ref=page_internal