Woodpick splitting axe 3kg

By Müller


This special Muller woodpick splitting axe is designed to pick  up and split rounds of wood without having to bend down. Check out the video on facebook at Muller axes Australia and you can see mighty Jor using this axe.  https://www.facebook.com/pg/mulleraxes/videos/?ref=page_internal   He is moving firewood and splitting wood quickly and easily with one swing due to the pick action on the back of the splitting axe. The 3kg head makes splitting of those hard to split chunks a breeze.Lifetime guarantee.


Muller woodpick splitting axe was designed by an arborist who is well familiar with splitting wood. The design was made to make splitting wood more efficient. The Muller Austrian steel head is tough enough to hit any hardwood with no problem and the woodpick on the back end makes moving logs a breeze.The 3 kg is a good weight for splitting tougher logs.