Serrated farmers Dagger

By DeWit


Serrated farmers dagger by Dewit in Holland is hand forged from strong Boron steel. This garden farmers dagger or garden knife is ideal for all kinds of farming needs, Its very sharp and can cut through roots, twine, and woody weeds. Great for tough gardening, weeding, edging, cutting roots,opening potting mix bags, dividing plants and anything you can do in the garden. Made from tough Swedish Boron steel, the farmers dagger with sharp serrated edge has a rugged blade forged up to the neck of the ash handle. It is a great all round working tool for the home, tool shed, truck or the garden. Lifetime guarantee.




Serrated Farmers Dagger by Dewit is a handy hori hori knife great for gardening and opening bags.

  • sharp serrated edge for easy cutting

  • great for opening hessian bags

  • Good for digging holes in the garden

  • Perfect for farming