Shark Spade with Steps, 750mm Ash Handle #83080

By DeWit


Shark spade is a solid steel shovel made from Boron steel , forged up the neck for extra strength, and comes with a 75cm ash  timber t bar handle. A great shovel for digging into hard clay.



The Shark shovel is a 4 tine tine all boron steel shovel great for digging into hard soil, cutting through roots and any other tough digging in the garden.

Made from tough Swedish boron steel in Holland and passed through the blacksmiths hands this garden tool is finished with a sustainable t Bar ash handle. At 80 cm in length, its the right length to do all kinds of digging in the garden. The shark can be used as a regular shovel, a spade, an edger, a planting shovel, a divider for any plants you need to remove, great for chopping up sticks in your mulch pile.