Spats steel Shovel with steps 1100mm Ash handle by DeWit #20360

By DeWit


Spats shovels are ideal for digging into hard clay soil with sharp pointed teeth making inserting into the ground easier. Spats steel shovel with step is an ideal tool for turning soil in the vegie garden. A lightweight shovel its good for turning all kinds of  soil. This is a shovel and a fork and a root cutter all in one. Shaped like a shovel comes with a T-Bar wooden handle that is steam bent for ergonomic digging, the Spatz is one of our favourite gardening tools. It turns soil, turns compost, shovels dirt, cuts out weeds, divide perennials, can edge and transplant trees easily. Comes with 110 cm handle


The Spats steel shovel with sharp tines is one of our favourite Dewit tools. It can be viewed online on our face book page where we demonstrate how tough the

steel is when cutting out roots. The boron steel is proven in strength here and the steam bent shaped T bar 140 cm Ash handle is a great length for digging holes, edging, weeding and all around gardening.

The spatz steel shovel is perfect for any kind of digging in the garden. One of our most popular tools its really ideal for everything.Beware your toes as its sharp.

Always wear appropriate shoes when using sharp tools.

DEWIT makes the best garden tools in the world. Used in the correct way for digging loamy soil, cutting out roots, chipping into tough weeds, edging and turning soil the spats or spatz

is the best steel shovel for the gardener. As a suggestion and for warranty this is not to be used as a crow bar. For this we recommend the shark which is forged up the neck.